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Ragby Road was founded in May 2016 by co-founders Erica Brockmyer and Michael Baish as an innovative way to assist elementary school aged children with mindfulness, social skills and character development.


Originally created as a project for a Masters program counseling internship of Erica’s, Ragby Road soon became a full educational development series after Michael began assisting with production. The series has continued simply for fun with the intention of educating, engaging and entertaining young learners.


Unlike other childhood development and educational programs on the market, Erica and Michael have created a series that goes beyond educating your child. A great supplemental resource for teachers and school counselors, this series is promised to entertain and engage children on their learning journey, making learning fun again! With the assistance of a diverse cast of character puppets, Ragby Road puppet skits, music videos and musical recordings will guide your child through the skills necessary for their success socially and in school.


Join your friends at Ragby Road as we explore diverse topics in a fun, positive and innovative way!


Erica Brockmyer has dedicated the last eight years of her life to working with elementary school aged children. She earned a Masters Degree in School Counseling with 40 hours of mindfulness training, in addition to experiencing success in the development and implementation of lesson curriculum on the topics of: character education, social skills, mindfulness and many others. With a passion for positively impacting the lives of her students, Erica has written and directed multiple youth plays for a youth theatre program. Her shows include: All Played Out, Once Upon a Dream, Bonzai Blast, Clique of Sensation Superheroes and Believe in the Power of Positivity.


Michael Baish has always had a passion for working with people and has more than ten years experience in the human services industry. He has worked in both school and non-profit settings, assisting youth and adults with disabilities. In addition to his work in the human services industry, Michael has always had a passion for music. He is the co-founder of a royalty free music company and has an impressive 15 years of music production experience.

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